About Us

AIMS Management System


Through continued development and enhancements, AIMS is the pre-eminent and most secure management system in the commercial agent industry.

Risk & Security Management has invested heavily in our AIMS system to support the efficient and effective management of files and information within the bounds of all legislation and guidelines.

Benefits of AIMS include:

  • Securely upload instructions directly into the system
  • View updates on active files
  • Provide further instruction or extra information on a file
  • Download documents related to a file, such as photos, condition reports and invoices
  • Upload documents to a file
  • Instant email notification of updates, reports and invoices
  • In built automatic legislative, regulatory or contractual breach notification
  • Field Representatives are instantly notified by SMS and email when a new job is received and when they are to cease action on a matter
  • A complex file lock system to ensure files cannot be actioned when they are on hold and ensure only authorised staff can view your files
  • Information Posting System to quickly and effectively circulate vital information to staff and field representatives.
  • Custom and automated reporting
  • Help desk support
  • Ability to batch upload up to 5,000 new job instructions  in .csv format with the click of a button
  • Integration with client systems to allow automatic uploading and downloading of instructions, updates, reports and invoices so you are not wasting time re-writing or copying our reports into your system

Our Process Serving and Field Call Divisions also utilise our DirectServe plugin for AIMS. Please contact R&S for more information on the DirectServe feature.

AIMS is wholly owned by Risk & Security Management and developed by our in-house I.T Department. We do not outsource the management and development of AIMS.