Information Security System

The importance of information security cannot be understated. Protecting the information of our clients and their customers is imperative.

Risk & Security Management data and systems are backed up hourly around the clock to several off site hosting servers. In the event of a major disaster, the restore process can be completed in less than 2 hours using AES-256 security.

We also utilise a top of the line Firewall system, which supports IPSEC and other encryption technologies such as SSL over VPN.

To test the integrity and security of our IT systems and to ensure your information is protected, we have undergone extensive penetration testing via an authorised external party.

A high standard of physical security is also maintained with privileged information kept out of public view or held in a safe and secure facility with access to these items only permissible by authorised personnel.

Our premises are fitted with back to base alarm systems monitored by a professional security company. The entry and exit points to the building are fitted with deadlocks and alarm reed switches. A six foot perimeter fence also encloses our head office which is only accessed via an electronic locked gate.

During business hours, electronic control points are located at the main entrance and to each working area of the building so visitors are unable to access restricted areas.

An external shredding company is used for all document destruction and Risk & Security Management

Please refer to our Information Security Management System Policy for further information.