Process Serving

Risk & Security Management undertakes process serving across all parts of Australia, with expert knowledge of legislation spanning all court jurisdictions.

We offer an efficient and accurate service from the initial receipt of instructions through to the return of a completed Affidavit.

We continually seek to find efficiencies and cost savings through innovation, and we believe our system to be second to none. The flow of information is crucial and one of the largest issues within the process serving space. Our file management system allows our representative in the field to send a service update directly to the client, notifying them of a document service at the same time as our office administration.

Our database also maintains hundreds of Affidavit precedents spanning all jurisdictions. This allows us to generate all Affidavits in-house, thus minimising unnecessary delays and the risk of an incorrect Affidavit being provided.

This reliance on technology is supported by an experienced team within Risk & Security Management. Our executives have assisted in the drafting of the process serving industry resource – the Institute of Mercantile Agents Process Serving Best Practice Guide. Our National Manager of Field Services was also instrumental in the drafting of the Queensland State Government Debt Collectors (Field Agents and Collection Agents) Act 2014, and recently served as National President of the Institute of Mercantile Agents..