In what can be a high risk and highly emotive environment, our highly trained field representatives achieve extremely successful outcomes, from negotiating the repayment of an outstanding amount to repossessing goods in the most difficult of circumstances.

Risk & Security Management provides a well resourced national repossession service drawing on the expertise of accredited field representatives across Australia. Our focus is on compliance, communication and development.

Our senior management team have been involved in the repossessions sector for over 30 years, holding executive positions in our industry’s peak body, the Institute of Mercantile Agents, and have helped shape the definitive industry resource, the Repossessions Best Practice Guide.

This experience, combined with our customer focus, regular intensive training programmes undertaken by our skilled administration staff and field representatives, provide the cornerstone of our repossession service.

Through the use of our custom built file management system you are in control of your files with live access to our system, allowing you to seamlessly read updates and detailed reports, submit new instructions, access invoices, view photos or documentation, receive custom reports and more. This system also alerts R&S staff to any legislative, contractual or regulatory breaches that may occur, allowing us to proactively manage your files and supports our commitment to best practice.