Previously trading as IDS Group, Risk & Security Management provides high quality and thorough investigation services to the corporate and public sector. Our focus is on obtaining reliable and accurate evidence through our tailored approach, strategic investigation plans and data analysis. We pride ourselves on protecting our client’s interests by both exposing and minimising potential risk factors and allowing informed decisions to be made.

R&S is a specialist background screening & due diligence agency with global recognition for credibility and experience. Our background screening services can assist in eliminating doubt about the individuals or organisations with whom you intend to deal with, particularly when significant interests are at stake.

From comprehensive background checks to specialised high level due diligence enquiries, R&S background screening services can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation, providing you with reliable intelligence and evidence to expose potential risk factors, and assist with making informed decisions.

R&S provide a personal, hands-on approach to surveillance and liaise closely with our clients from the planning stage through to reporting to ensure we achieve surveillance objectives. Our field operatives have a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry and adhere to legislative requirements at all times. A combination of experience and keeping up to date with technological advancements is the key to ensuring R&S maintains our high level of credibility and quality.

R&S specialise in conducting multifaceted investigations and can utilise surveillance in conjunction with, or in support of a range of other investigative functions. By engaging R&S, our clients can benefit from using a single source provider for all their investigative requirements.

Our experienced investigators and management team have a unique mix of high-level skill sets, covering human resources, law, psychology, justice administration, medical services and intelligence analysis.

R&S only retain investigators who are licenced by the appropriate state government bodies which means all investigators have been screened for probity and criminal history. Our range of general investigation services is diverse, covering focus areas such as:

  • Fraud investigations;
  • Complex Research and Intelligence analysis;
  • Intellectual Property Theft;
  • Trademark Infringement;
  • Security / Debugging Sweeps;
  • Personal injury matters; and
  • Undercover operations.