Risk & Security Management provides high-quality and thorough investigation services to the corporate and public sectors. Our focus is on obtaining reliable and accurate evidence through a tailored approach utilising strategic investigation plans, and data analysis.

Counterfeiting, drop-shipping, and parallel importation by online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores continue to be a prevailing issue for many brand owners. We can assist by obtaining test purchases of these products to confirm their authenticity, and identify sellers and their suppliers.

As we are frequently involved in criminal prosecutions, all staff and agents adhere strictly to the rules of evidence to ensure that your case is not tainted in any way.

If you have concerns that an individual or company is breaching terms of contract, or passing off their business using your trademark, then we can help. With our understanding and working knowledge of trademark laws in Australia, we can ensure that site visits are conducted with a detailed eye and that all use of particular marks, colours, or layouts of stores, are reported along with discussions with any staff members on site.