About Us

With a history dating back to 1979, Risk & Security Management is Australia’s leading integrated provider of mercantile and investigation services.

The company provides a full suite of services to financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, federal government agencies and state government departments, local government associations and authorities and debt collection agencies.

Risk & Security Management is the result of a strategic merger between several of the industry’s most well-known, experienced and respected companies and is 100% Australian owned and operated by its Directors.


Our reputation is built on our long history of building long-term partnerships and delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. RS maintains a premium standard of service across all service streams, and employs unique strategies backed by an in-depth analytics program to ensure our strategies deliver results for our clients.

Our dedicated relationship team will ensure the ongoing success of our relationship, with a deep focus on service quality, subject matter expertise, and insights-based value add.


Risk & Security Management is an optimally resourced and structured professional organisation with industry best practice procedures and operating models.

Protecting our clients’ brands and reputations is paramount to our success and to the sustainability of our business. It is at the core of everything we do.

An active participant in our industry body, Risk & Security Management was instrumental in creating the industry’s best practice guide, setting the benchmark for highly compliant & efficient services to our clients.

Compliance & Training

Within the financial sector, we are naturally subjected to risk on a daily basis.

Our commitment to compliance and staff training is unwavering and our commitment to every category of compliance – be it legislative, regulatory, or client specific – is non-negotiable.

Our learning and development program includes extensive internal and external courses to ensure staff and contracted field agents are kept up to date with legislative and regulatory changes that impact our sector and industry best practice. Modules are deployed to our staff and agents via a training platform custom-built for our requirements.

Technology & Data Security

We invest heavily in technology and data security and utilise several cutting-edge systems and mobile applications which translate to delivering favourable outcomes at minimum cost, and operating efficiently, effectively and securely.

Risk & Security Management employs an in-house IT department including full time programmers and is continuously improving our technology, security and analytic solutions.

RS is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and have implemented sophisiticated security controls and policies to protect your data, which is hosted in Australia.

National Reach

RS is an optimally resourced and structured professional organisation with industry best practice procedures and operating models.

Our extensive network of in-house and contractor field agents allows us to offer a full range of services Australia-wide. Our high agent saturation in metropolitan and regional centres allows us to effectively manage a high volume of matters and ensures any last-minute or urgent matters can be completed with minimal delay.

Importantly, due to our size and the number of resources at our disposal, we can seamlessly increase the size and scale of our network in response to business demand.

Brand Protection

We place the utmost emphasis on governance and compliance, data security and rigorous agent management.  Managing risk for, and the reputation of our clients in the way that we act is at the forefront of all that we do.  No other service provider makes the level of commitment that we do.

Risk & Security Management has the largest network of in-house and contractor field representatives in Australia.

We average over 130,000 unique address visits in Australia per annum.